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10 Ways to Drive High Quality Blog Traffic

10 Nov
how to drive traffic to my blog

how to drive traffic to my blogEvery marketer and salesperson wants to increase customers. This is their number one priority. But, the million dollar question is how to increase users for your website/blog. Here are 10 ways listed below to help you increase website traffic and sales for your online business:

1. Start Publishing More Content
Different studies prove that increase in traffic is linked to increase in content. Search engines, specially Google loves sites that are updated on a regular basis. If you are looking for increased attention and user traffic, then start blogging regularly on your website. Keep the activity to a minimum of two times per week to improve results.

2. Go Social
The world today is social. Share all your content whether it is in the form of blog posts or videos across the popular social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Spend enough time on social media and create relationships with relevant people through groups etc. you will see improved performance in your user traffic via social media over time.

3. Advertise
Advertising is obvious. You can promote your web or blog through paid social media advertising. Adjust your campaign to suit your goals to increase traffic and conversions. Every social media channel has its own benefits , so think carefully about your target audience before selecting the platform for advertising. Generally, facebook works well for all types of content. LinkedIn works for professional corporate based services whereas pinterest and instagram works for women related accessories such as clothing, cosmetics etc.

4. Writing Eye Catching Headlines
Your content needs to be readable. This means that you need to write 3 to 4 line paragraphs with appropriate headings. Choose one of the most exciting headings for your blog. It is always the title that pulls in readership, so make sure you brainstorm the title part to craft interesting titles and headlines.

5. Focus on On-Page SEO
Heard about SEO? Well, SEO is a great way for increasing the web traffic and customers. Make sure you are following all the important on-page SEO guidelines to boost your organic traffic. You also need to create internal links to improve your website’s authority in search engines to get ranked for search queries in Google.

6. Start Guest Blogging
Guest Blogging is another great way for increased exposure. It is certainly not dead despite what you may have heard on other blogs. A guest post link on a quality site increases website’s blog traffic to help build your brand. However, there are many spammy domains available today, so make sure you stay away from them.

7. Including Images in Your Blog
Researches indicate increased readership with inclusion of images. An image is worth a thousand words and there is no doubt about it. Images increase the visual appeal of a blog post. Additionally, you can optimize images with alt tags to improve your site’s search engine optimization. There are free stock photo site such as and pixabay from where you can get copyright free images for your website and blog.

8. Incorporate Links:
Always link your company’s product or service inside a blog. An outbound link increases trust in search engines. The company you link to also notices it and may link back to the site which results in more exposure and quality backlink for SEO. Last but not the least, readers also love to engage with content that has internal links as this makes finding information easy for them.

9. Add Videos
Videos have become immensely popular in the last 5 years. Incorporating videos in your content will lead to more web traffic. Videos can be real content boosters for your blog, as they share information in an informative and entertaining manner.

10. Interview Industry Thought Leaders
Publish roundup type posts related to industry leaders. You may think that interviews are reserved for big guns in the industry, but that is not true. Many people are willing to share their insights and tips if you just ask them. Start publishing interviews on your blog by sending emails to the industry experts to boosts website’s credibility and traffic in the search engines. Do not forget to ask guests to share content with their readers for further promotion.

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Muneeza is a content marketer at Cybervision digital marketing agency pakistan. She shares SEO, Social Media and other technology topics for readers to get insights in the digital marketing industry.

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