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Why Chatbots become the needs of eCommerce Websites

27 Apr

Chatbots are A.I. (artificial intelligence) and have full access of website data. Chatbots help visitors to find products, services and resolve their queries related to website. Chatbots not only save times but increase website’s conversion. There are many reasons why a business owner should have to use Chatbots for their eCommerce business.

Increase Conversion – Chatbots are Artificial Intelligence and have all information about website services, products and latest arrival. Chatbots help visitors to take their need. It also keeps track of user activity and offers them superior support.


Support All Languages : Languages always matter in international clients. Sometime support team may not familiar with user language. But this doesn’t happen with Chatbots. Chatbots are developed with multi language and can easily manage user queries. Amazon support system is best example of multi language chatbots

Multi Tasking – A tech support guy can handle one user at one time. But Chatbots can easily resolve many user queries at the same time.

Always available – A Tech support guy cannot available for all the time as they may handling another user queries, taking coffee break, lunch break and working in shifts. Chatbots doesn’t need such break and available 24 hours 7 days .

Full Information : Customer care may not have all the knowledge of website or its products and this may disapoint the visitors. But Chatbots have all information about website and its products. It increase the chance of conversion.

Instant Reply: Agents may take time to reply to visitors as they have to follow the process and need to be sure for good information. But Chatbots already filled with full knowledge and they always give instant reply.

These artificial intelligence chatbots are the future of technology. Because chatbots are not only made for ecommerce website, but it also userful for sites like digital marketing service too.


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